Tom Hanks Just Went To In-N-Out Burger And Bought Everyone Lunch—And We Couldn’t Love Him More ❤️

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, recently stopped at an In-N-Out in Fontana, California for a bite to eat.

Hanks and Wilson then took the time to speak with customers and staff and pose for selfies.

He also paid for the meals of everyone in the drive-thru while they were there and wished everyone “Merry Christmas”.

You can see Hanks pay for his coffee, and everyone else in the drive-thru’s meals, in the video below.

@tomhanks thanks for lunch …. he’s in Fontana people #tomhanks #innout #fontana #heboughtmylunch #thankyou #himrhanks #itsforrest #lifeslikeaboxofchocolate

Posted by Renee Chavez on Friday, December 21, 2018

Customers soon took to social media to share their selfies and gratitude at Hanks’ and Wilson’s graciousness.

People shared on not only Twitter, but Instagram as well.

Some shared a whole series of photos on Instagram!

Use the arrow on the right of the Instagram posts to scroll through the photos.

Group photos were also the order of the day.


Hanks is known for his willingness to interact with fans, taking time to take selfies and have real conversations.

He really is quite similar to Fred Rogers, who Hanks is playing in the upcoming Mr. Rogers biopic.

Here is Hanks in his Mister Rogers guise.

Lacey Terrell / TriStar Pictures


Customers and staff, as well as most of the internet, appreciated this heartwarming gesture from the famous couple.

It was certainly in keeping with the holiday spirit!