Alleged Burglar Convinces Guy Whose House He Broke Into To Give Him A Ride Home 😮

A Maine resident received a surprise Christmas visitor. And no, they didn’t come in through the chimney. According to News Center Maine, a man named Derek Tarbox was sitting on the couch wearing the homeowner’s clothes. Additionally, he had used the shower and eaten a meal in the house he had broken into.

Tarbox tried to convince the homeowner that he entered the wrong home and thought it was his friend’s house. He asked for a ride to another house, and the homeowner obliged.

York County Sheriff Bill King stated to the Portland Press-Herald…

“The (resident) thought the scenario was unusual, but plausible, so he agreed to drive the man to a house in Hollis. He said he wanted to get the man out of his house, so he agreed to drive him ‘home.'”

However, once the homeowner got back to his own house, he noticed that his back door had been forced open. A cursory search realized that some of his possessions had been stolen, and parts of the house had been ransacked.

Soon, Maine State Police coordinated with local police and it was revealed that Tarbox had stolen a vehicle. When he ran out of gas, he stole another vehicle which he crashed in the woods. One of Tarbox’s relatives gave the police a tip, and he was arrested without incident.

According to Huffington Post

“Tarbox was scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday for multiples charges including burglary, two counts of unauthorized use of property, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and theft by unauthorized taking.”

Tarbox isn’t the only one who has pulled a Goldilocks after breaking into someone’s home.

And many argued that the fictional character of Goldilocks was a burglar too.

Turns out other people’s houses are just right.