Johnny Depp Won’t Be Part Of Disney’s ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Reboot—And Fans Are Sounding Off

Fans are sharply divided after learning that controversial actor Johnny Depp won’t play swashbuckling pirate Jack Sparrow in the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean reboot.

A Disney executive recently confirmed that Depp is unlikely to return for future films in the popular franchise.

Disney’s production chief, Sean Bailey, told The Hollywood Reporter that Pirates Of The Caribbean needs “new energy and vitality” while boldly predicting the series will survive without Depp’s star power.

But diehard fans of seafaring scallywag Jack Sparrow won’t accept a sequel without Johnny Depp.

Industry gossip suggests that Jack Sparrow will be recast with a younger actor with less baggage.

Though adored for his performance as Sparrow, Depp has become a toxic commodity in Hollywood after widespread reports of domestic abuse and alcoholism in his personal life.

Despite all the criticism of Depp, fans still want him to play Jack Sparrow.

But others seem to approve of Disney’s decision to landlock Depp.

For the most part, Twitter is pretty disappointed with the casting change.

Some refuse to watch the new films.

Though Depp won’t return to Pirates Of The Caribbean, he continues to be cast in blockbuster films like Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  But in light of the allegations against him, does the embattled star deserve top billing in such high-profile projects?

It remains to be seen whether the actor’s troubled history will result in the loss of leading roles. For now, it seems like fans of Jack Sparrow are standing by Johnny Depp.