Woman Stumbles Across Man With Important Sign On His Back—And The Internet Steps In To Help ❤️

Writer and CNN travel editor Lilit Marcus posted a photo of an unidentified man’s unusual walking billboard with a very serious request.

According to her Twitter post, Marcus was in a local Target when she noticed the sign pinned to a man’s backpack.

It read:

“In need of a kidney for my wife. B+ 917-442-6202”

Marcus snapped a photo of the sign and posted it to Twitter, where it has received over 22,000 shares and numerous responses.

She captioned the photo:

“Here is a photo I took at my Target yesterday and can’t stop thinking about.”

Marcus didn’t stop there. She went on to interview the man for CNN. In her article, she identifies the man as Raymond Thompson. His wife’s name is Mylen and they have a 4-year-old daughter, Rachel. Thompson doesn’t have a Twitter account, but he knew something was going on when his phone started ringing off the hook, and he received text messages from all around the world wishing him well.

Thompson made a point of letting Marcus know he isn’t looking to start a GoFundMe or to raise money for medical expenses. When people see his sign they often try to give him money, but he turns them down. His job and insurance will cover the surgery for the kidney transplant. He and Mylen just need a match.

Marcus’ tweet has been shared by a few folks with large social media followings, such as tennis champ Martina Navratilova and actors Zach Braff and Evan Rachel Wood. Sarah Hyland, who recently discussed her second kidney transplant, also shared the post.

People have been moved by the story and are reaching out to help. 

Many were touched by the love Thompson displayed with his sign.

Many shared their success stories. 

The Thompsons decided to move Mylen’s care to NYU Langone Hospital to make testing donors easier. They will be contacting those who have reached out after the New Year.

If you would like to learn more about being a donor, check out The American Kidney Fund.