A Video Of A Dog Receiving 24 Tennis Balls For Christmas Has Pet Owners Grinning

Arguably the best part of Christmas is the videos of Christmas surprises that come after the big day. People love to surprise their loved ones with the perfect gift.

One Twitter user showed the world that these Christmas surprises are not just for our human loves.

Julianna, AKA @radicaljulianna, posted a video of the Christmas surprise she gave to her dog, Stella.

The surprise?

Twenty four of Stella’s favorite toy:

tennis balls.

The video shows Stella completely overwhelmed with joy, not knowing which ball to go after first.

Julianna went on to post a set of photos after Stella was able to bask in her delight.

The loving dog-mom also gifted the internet with a video of Stella opening her other presents.

The internet is now completely obsessed with Stella and her love for tennis balls.

Merry Christmas, Stella!