Beauty Queen’s Hair Set Ablaze On Live TV Seconds After Being Crowned Miss Africa

When Miss Congo was announced as the winner of Miss Africa 2018 Calabar, there were literally fireworks on stage.

Other contestants and personalities stood onstage at the annual beauty pageant held by Cross River State Government while the crowd cheered and sparks fell from pyrotechnics above.

It was an exciting moment for sure, but one could also argue the celebration was too “lit.”

The display was a little too excessive for the winner because unbeknownst to 24-year-old Dorcas Kasinde, her hair caught on fire while her predecessor gave her a congratulatory hug.

Kasinde’s expression of bliss quickly dissolved to one of panic as the applause and cheers gave way to screams after spectators realized Kasinde was illuminating the stage in the worst way imaginable.

Fortunately Ebuka Obi-Uchenduβ€”who was the co-hostβ€”rushed to her aid and snuffed out the flames before any real damage was done, according to The Daily Post.

Lawyer and media personality Ebukaβ€”as he is called on social mediaβ€”set the record straight with a Twitter post of his own.

While much of western media claimed Miss Africa 2018 wore a wig, Ebuka stated it was her real hair, she was uninjured and his hand escaped serious injury as well.

Kasinde was unharmed and carried on wearing the crown like a victor.

Accidents involving fire are not funny and there was a genuine concern for Miss Africa’s safety.

She could have gone out in a blaze of glory, but the stunning contestant recovered from the shock and resumed her reign as a radiant champ.

People expressed their relief knowing she did not sustain any injuries. Still, it was a terrifying mishap to witness.

Maybe the planning committee should reconsider letting the contestants shine on their own moving forward.

And let’s not let the minor conflagration upstage what really matters here.

Dorcas Kasinde beat out Chiamaka Nnaemeka from Nigeria who placed second and Gladys Kayumba from Zambia who came in third.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the crowned winner won a cash prize of $35,000 and a new SUV.

Kasinde sent out a message to assure fans she was fine.

Congratulations to this beautiful queen!

We’re glad she’s OK.