Did Grover Just Drop The ‘F-Bomb’ On ‘Sesame Street’?

Just in time for 2019, there’s a new Yanny/Laurel, the auditory hallucination that divided a nation back in May. But this one has far higher stakes.

This one has a puppet dropping an F-bomb. On Sesame Street of all places! And it’s Grover, the sweetest Muppet of them all! Besides maybe Elmo! It’s shocking!

It all began when Redditor u/schrodert posted this video to r/funny subreddit:

What did you hear? Because I heard a plain and distinct f-bomb and I am incensed. This is indicative of the coarsening of our society and discourse and precisely the sort of prurience I won’t tolerate! Not in 2019!

It begs the question: Where are we, as a nation, as a culture, when lovable furry blue puppets are yelling the f-word at our children?! FOR GOD’S SAKE IS THIS A KIDS TV SHOW OR A BIKER BAR???

JK it’s definitely the former, it’s just yet another trick of audio playing us for fools. Grover actually says “that sounds like an excellent idea,” and now that I know that I can’t even hear the f-bomb anymore. Brains are weird. Science!

Back on Reddit, Redditor u/TwentyfootAngels, a person with a condition called Auditory Processing Disorder, explained how this sort of thing tricks our brains:

“The key here … comes down to the consonants and vowels in “like” and “f***”… more specifically, IKE and UCK. First off, the F and SL aren’t too different – they’re both soft hissing sounds, so our brain can discard those. Second, I and U can be interchanged quite easily as well. And most importantly, K and C tend to merge together too. The key sounds coming out of “like” and “f***” are I-K (ike) and U-K (uck). Put it all together, and you can see how “I-K AN” turns into “U-K IN”.”

So basically, it’s another case of Taylor Swift’s “lonely Starbucks lovers.” Brains, who knew!

This relatively simple explanation didn’t stop folks from going crazy on social media though!

It even led to some… um… interesting theories about some of the other Muppets…

Still waiting on the rest of the internet to weigh in on that one!