The Internet Thought Melania Wasn’t Wearing Pants In This Picture—And We Can Totally See It

Another day, another Melania Trump clothing mishap.

It’s just all part of the fun of the Trump White House, or something!

During a recent arrival at Joint Base Andrews after the Trumps’ impromptu visits to Iraq and Germany, Melania stepped off of Air Force One looking as always like the chicest illegal immigrant ever (follow the link if you need that comment explained).

Hair: impeccable. Green Prada pea coat: eye-catching and vibrant. Pants: non-existent… oh my God, what is she doing she is actually naked under that coat!!!

So lots of people thought, at least, at first glance at the footage of her descending the Air Force One steps.

Watch the footage here:

Thankfully, it was just a trick of the eye—the pants are skin-tight and just so close to flesh-tone, folks thought FLOTUS was rocking the season’s latest naked-from-the-waist-down couture… or at least a SUPER-mini miniskirt.

A nanoskirt, if you will.

It was such a confusing sight that Vanity Fair even launched “an investigation“!

Of course, FLOTUS is no stranger to clothing controversies, with her sartorial choices regularly raising eyebrows.

There was her high-fashion stilettos look to visit the devastation of Hurricane Harvey that many found in poor taste. There was her pith helmet in Kenya, which seemed to many a crass nod to the country’s colonial past, her stepsons’ affection for hunting endangered species, or both.

And of course, there was the ne plus ultra of Melania Trump fashion faux pas, the infamous “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket she wore to visit children being held in cages at the border.

So at least this particular fashion moment was just a light-hearted mix-up with a jacket that is, one must admit, a holiday shade of green to die for!


Anyway, on social media, people were pretty shocked at first.

One thing you can say about good ol’ “Melanie,” she always keeps us guessing!