Lady Gaga Cries While Performing ‘Shallow’ During Opening Night Of New Vegas Show

Lady Gaga kicked off her Las Vegas residency this week, and by all accounts it was quite a spectacle—just as we’d expect from a woman who has already become an icon with just a decade in the game!

The show, entitled Enigma, debuted December 28th at Park MGM Resort’s Park Theater to a crowd of 5,200—which included Katy Perry, Dave Grohl, Regina King, Jeremy Renner, Orlando Bloom and Adam Lambert, no big deal!—who watched the pop star run through a 90-minute set of a whopping 21 singles from her varied career.

She even covers the legendary David Bowie‘s “I’m Afraid of Americans.”

But after all the costume changes and theatrics (including descending from the ceiling while playing a keytar, God bless her) it was the closing song, “Shallow,” that really got to everyone—Gaga included.

The tune is a centerpiece from the film A Star Is Born, the runaway hit film in which Gaga stars alongside Bradley Cooper and for which she has received no small amount of Oscar buzz. 

It’s such a big-voiced, heart-on-the-sleeve masterpiece it seems almost tailor-made to pull on the heartstrings, and it did just that at the close of Enigma, reducing not only the crowd to tears, but Gaga herself.

Watch the performance here:

“I’m so proud to be your star,” she told the audience before beginning the song, “but the truth is you gave birth to me.”

The moment was so emotional that Gaga didn’t even make it through the first verse before the tears came and her fans began cheering her on to continue.

It was, from the looks of it, quite a moment!

And judging from the social media response, the power of the performance has been lost on pretty much no one.

Guess we should all start saving our nickels and dimes now (general admission tickets for Enigma are currently going for $600!) because it seems like this is a show no one should miss.

But if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, the soundtrack for A Star Is Born is available here in a variety of formats.