This Video Of Serena Williams’s Baby Clapping For Her Mother During A Match Is Just The Most Adorable

Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder husband Alexis Ohanian are super proud parents after their adorable daughter Olympia cheered on her mom and Auntie Venus at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship match in Abu Dhabi.

Fifteen-month-old Olympia was seen clapping along with the crowd following a rally between Serena and Venus.

To put it mildly, the internet was delighted to see the daughter of a tennis star and internet entrepreneur enjoying herself at a match between her mother and aunt. It was almost too perfect!

Alexis Ohanian posted the viral clip of Olympia on his Instagram.

He also tweeted about how baby Olympia clapped for every single point of the match.

After the match, Serena called her daughter a “classy baby” for applauding both sides.

People online are totally charmed by Serena’s growing family. 

Not all babies have verified Instagram accounts, but Olympia is no ordinary baby.

This baby is COOL.

She’s practically internet royalty!

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Papa, you sure mama won't find out??

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After all, her mom is one of the greatest athletes of all time.


Whether she becomes a tennis player like her mom and Auntie Venus, a tech wizard like dad or something completely different, it’s clear this baby is growing up in a loving and talented family.

Maybe one day they’ll be cheering for Olympia at Wimbledon!