We’ve Been Using Salt And Pepper Shakers All Wrong And Now My Life Is Forever Changed

Salt and pepper shakers can be so stubborn sometimes.

Chalk it up to condensation or lack of frequent use, but sometimes you just have no control over how the seasonings sprinkle from their punctured lids.

But the internet is an endless source of odd remedies and, thanks to Redditor u/Tucko29, life is a lot more manageable.

She shared a previously posted Imgur video in which the problem solver demonstrated how to get her pepper shaker to cooperate.

After shaking the pepper shaker proved futile, she used the bottom of her salt shaker and rubbed the two bases together in a circular motion. The friction miraculously solved the problem, with the pepper flowing uninterrupted.

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Redditors were blown away. But the remedy quickly gave way to sexual innuendo and some of the comments were … tasteless.

“Just goes to show that a sometimes a little bit of vibration can get the job done much faster than heavy pounding.”Pentdragon

“Let me just flip the switch on my balls that makes my penis vibrate.”KnowsItToBeTrue

 Some still couldn’t shake it.

“Instructions unclear… hammering away continues.”Pd245

This user added a caveat for a more sanitary dining experience.

“Just make sure the bottom of the shakers are clean or you are going to get years of crud sprinkled on your food.”sanransa

 “salt and pepper shakers are nasty AF why would anyone grind the dusty gunk off the bottom.”Qanzilla

Others were judgy about the amount of pepper dispensed.

“That’s a whole lot of pepper.”fragydig529

“I use that much if I’m cooking or something, but I also use a pepper mill and grind it myself. The person in OP is an absolute heathen, raised by wolves. They’re fully inverting the shaker on one side and black pepper apocalypse on the other. It’s like one of those /r/wheredidthesodago infomercials where people lost all concept of how basic tasks are performed.”GiornaGuirne

Others ignored the effectiveness of the trick and insisted on their own remedies.

“You don’t hold the shaker completely upside down or the flakes pile up and block more from coming out. Hold it diagonal or sideways and it comes out easier with a shake. Same thing if you’re using salt, garlic powder, or other herbs and spices (especially really flakey ones).”GiornaGuirne

“Honestly all shakers operate easier if you don’t fully invert them, but shake from the side. Idk why people fully invert.”FrostByte62

A rap group came under fire for their directive from the ’80s.


Speaking of pushin’ it, people really like to enforce their arguments.

“Then why the fuck is it called a ‘shaker’?”Chili1179

And then there was this dose of reality.

“I think the entire dinner vibe would change when mom asks to pass the vibrator.”rockproducer

Is this the better description?

“‘Pass the pepper knurler please'”Phedis

“I don’t think that is a shaker. I think the proper term for that model is a knurler.”LoavesOfCorn

When someone asked for an explanation, boomermax said, “vibration allows the pepper flakes through to holes faster than the impact from shaking,” to which NLJeroen added, “vibration because the bottom is knurled, like many glass bottles.”

Leave it to the hidden experts of home economics on Reddit to enlight us all. How knurly.