Bald Eagle Lands On Random Notre Dame Fans During Bowl Game—And The Crowd Goes Wild ????

A bald eagle named Clark wanted to go on a little adventure. Perhaps he wanted a break from his handlers. Perhaps he wanted to enjoy a taste of social media fame.

Well, he got everything he wanted.

Ahead of the Cotton Bowl college football match between Notre Dame and Clemson, Clark decided to fly around the AT&T Stadium and land on random fans.

Sound too good to be true?

I mean, look at this photo. LOOK AT IT.

And this one! LOOK AT THIS ONE.

That’s epic, right?

The crowd went wild.

Just look at how regal he is!

At least one person was rather…well, surprised by this glorious turn of events.

Another appeared to take it in stride.

This person is very likely my spirit animal.

Oh, and this person, too, because THEY’RE BOTH SAYING PRECISELY WHAT I’M THINKING.

The commentary surrounding the event was priceless, you have to admit.

And this was probably the best takeaway from the event:

Was this Clark’s way of wishing us a Happy New Year? We can only speculate, as his handlers would not allow him to speak to us before press time.