“That Sh*t Don’t Fly With Me”—Bebe Rexha Calls Out Married Athlete For Texting Her

Sometimes you have to speak the truth. Bebe Rexha followed that advice when she posted about a married football player who tried texting her. She made it clear she found this behavior unacceptable.

Friday, the singer shared to her Instagram story, asking her followers if they have a guy who comes in and out of their lives.

She followed it up with a screenshot of the message she received from the unnamed athlete.

Instagram: beberexha


After redirecting the football player to public events, her Instagram story had her calling on him to be better. She posted about not being a cheater and being there for your family.

This had many on board.

Her Instagram story continued with her saying not to text her “hey friend” if you’re a married man. She ended with a poll for her followers about whether men can do that.

Instagram: beberexha


Instagram: beberexha


Instagram: beberexha


This is where some people disagreed.

There isn’t much to go on. Plenty of football players are married, and she doesn’t say if he’s in the NFL or some other league. At the moment, there’s no way to tell if this man was genuinely trying to cheat or if he was reaching out in friendship.

However, Rexha has asked to be undisturbed, especially by married men, and that is a decision to be respected.

Of course, not everyone can focus on the right point here.

Rexha has spoken before about her difficulty forming friendships in her industry. In an interview with People Magazine, the singer said:

“I think everybody only hangs out with you based on levels. That sounds terrible. But people who wouldn’t talk to me a year ago, two years ago now want to hang out. I don’t like that.”

Luckily, she does have positive relationships to help her.

“What keeps me grounded is my family. My mom came out for a few days. I have my brother sell merch for me. He’s my bulls*** detector. If I do anything wrong or messed up, he’ll keep me in check; I keep my family around, and they keep me in check.”