Guy’s Straight Brother Made Him An Incredible ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Game—And We’re Super Jealous 😮

LGBT Londoner Stuart Forward’s viral tweet about his brother’s surprisingly fierce Christmas gift is melting hearts all over the internet.

Stuart’s rugby playing brother Iain spent hours researching drag culture and RuPaul’s Drag Race to create a custom version of the classic game “Guess Who?” for his sibling. To Stuart, the gift demonstrated his brother’s sincere commitment to learning about LGBT culture as a way of relating with him.

The stunning “Guess RU?” version of “Guess Who?” totally won the internet’s approval. 

Some were pretty envious, admiring the game’s attention to detail.

Speaking with BuzzFeed News, Stuart described how much the gesture moved him:

“We never really speak about my sexuality, which made the present more meaningful.”

Others were so inspired they made their own custom “Guess Who?” games.

RuPaul continues to inspire millions and bring families together. 

Apparently, Christmas gifts with RuPaul and Drag Race themes were a hot item this year.

Major respect to Iain for going the extra mile to make sure Stuart felt understood, appreciated and included on Christmas day. What an awesome brother!