Justin Bieber Apologizes To Nickelodeon Star JoJo Siwa After Telling Her She Should ‘Burn’ Her Colorful New Car

Nickelodeon and YouTube star and dancer JoJo Siwa (Dance MomsSchool of Rock) got roasted on Instagram by Justin Bieber after posting a controversial picture of her customized BMW from West Coast Customs.

Bieber joined car enthusiasts worldwide who groaned at 15-year-old Siwa’s brand-new vehicle wrapped in super vibrant colors and a gigantic picture of herself.

For better or worse, it looks like Barbie’s dream car on acid, featuring a glittery paint job and multi-colored wheels.

West Coast Customs gifted the unique car to Siwa as a Christmas present.

Bieber jokingly posted “Burn it” in the comments section, but ended up apologizing to Siwa after receiving criticism for his remark from angry fans and even Siwa’s mother on social media.

What do you think? Is JoJo’s new whip fabulous or freakish?

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burn it

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At first, Bieber wasn’t impressed with the flamboyant design of Jojo’s BMW. 



But some fans criticized Bieber for harshly mocking a 15-year-old’s Christmas gift.

Others actually agreed with Bieber about burning the car.

Anger from Siwa’s young fans prompted Bieber to apologize on Twitter.

And she accepted, inviting Bieber to perform at her next birthday party.

Yet the apology wasn’t enough to placate fans defending JoJo on social media.

We give Bieber major credit for apologizing, but he should probably avoid messing with JoJo Siwa and her fans again.