Amazon Sends Customer A Bizarre Picture Of Their Package Being Delivered—And We’re Shaking Our Heads ????

Delivery of Amazon packages can get a little dicey, even when someone doesn’t decide to wander off with it before you take it in the house. Parcels can end up damaged, in weird places like the bushes or thrown vaguely over a fence, or just delivered to a random house that isn’t yours.

If you don’t live in a rural area, it is likely that your package will be delivered by one of Amazon’s contracted drivers instead of by UPS, FedEx, or USPS. So you should get a photo showing your package at your house when it is delivered.

But if something happens to your package, your only option is to contact Amazon customer service.

Reddit user CaptainCanadian9 shared one of these photos from Amazon, and it’s a doozy. The image shows the package in mid-flight, apparently having been thrown at the door by the delivery driver.

Big shout out to Amazon for taking a pic of my package delivery mid throw from funny

Reddit users definitely got a kick out of the photo.

“your package was delivered by Chuck today” –TannedCroissant

“Problem is now they’ve set a precedent. I would complain if all of your pictures aren’t mid-throw from now on” –PopeliusJones

One non-American was astounded that the package would just be left at the door, let alone chucked in its general direction.

“Is it normal in America to just leave packages on a person’s doormat?”

“Because that would be considered serious negligence where I live.”

“Here a package deliverer would ring the bell to check if somebody is home. If not (and the receiver has given permission) the next step would be to see if a neighbour is home, who would sign if he/she takes on the delivery. The person not at home would receive a copy of this. If not than either a delivery would be rescheduled or dropped off at a nearby delivery point.”

“Basically the delivery service is responsible for the ‘wellbeing’ of a package untill another party signs off for it.”

“Never would it be ok for a delivery service to just leave a package at a front door, exposed to possible theft, the weather etc.”

“So is this common in America and if so then why? I can’t wrap my head around this. I’d probably never order anything if a delivery service would be allowed to do this.” –Anaroht


Others shared their package delivery woes.

“FedEx and UPS put packages behind one of the columns that holds up my awning above my porch. (can’t see from road) The stupid amazon delivery people just throw the package onto the middle of the porch. No fucks given.” –5kyl3r

“Yeah shit is a mess here. At my office, we will frequently have an issue where the package is marked as delivered, but we won’t have it. Before the driver even arrives, he’ll mark our packages as delivered and will sign using the name of the only employee he knows. So even when that employee is on vacation/out sick, our packages will still say signed by Gary. It’s infuriating, especially when people come to my department looking for packages that were ‘delivered’ hours ago.” –DehDani

“this weekend I ordered Prime Now while I was still at work, I left an instruction that said if you come after 6 the gate to the complex will be closed this is the key code. I got 27 texts and 4 phone calls off his personal phone number, not that 206 seattle area code or whatever about how irresponsible I was for making him wait to get into the complex. he waited 4 minutes total, as I asked my neighbor by the front to let him in because I was freaking out. He dumped my stuff on my patio, chucking it over the railing and smashing everything, took a photo and texted it to me. In the photo you can see yogurt oozing into my planter.”

“he kept texting me though, my roommate was calling me because he scared the shit out of her throwing shit on the patio and after he texted me the photo my exact words were ‘oh my god what did you do, why did you not just leave them at the door or knock? I can SEE the bags broken in the photo’ then he sent me 103 texts that were just ‘I dropped nothing. Reported you.'”

“to their credit, amazon let me cry on the phone to them, tried to give me a $10 credit that couldn’t be applied to my account because something like this happened before and refunded me $3.46 for the 6 yogurts. cool.” –cozysweaters

“Package was supposed to arrive at the 17. It said ‘delivered’. I was home all day and never saw a car. 4 days later we found it in a corner of our garden. Completely wet ofc. Don’t know if the guy was a top athlet but that had to be atleast a 40m throw. Luckily it was only a mousepad but cmon.” –UnkreativerJunge


Some people were skeptical, though.

“That’s not mid throw. You can clearly see OP that the package is in between the handle and the door frame. Using friction and proper placement to secure it own weight holding itself up.” –Nacho_Dan677

“It wasn’t tucked between the frame and door handle?” –hereforthekix

Even if it is tucked in between the door and frame, that doesn’t really seem like the ideal place to leave a potentially fragile package.

CaptainCanadian9 had a response for these nay-sayers: A video of him retrieving the package from the porch.


CaptainCanadian9’s story really brightened one Redditor’s day.

“I am sitting on my couch right now. It was so quiet and my dog is snoring. The day is grey and depressing and I felt like my phone was my only hope. Thank god I did because I literally laughed for at least two minutes over this.”


“Hahahahahaha.” –jonniethm


Amazon customers probably suspect their packages get mishandled a bit in shipping, but they usually don’t get action shots of it happening.