Busy Philipps Shuts Down United Airline’s Cookbook Offer With A Single, Savage Tweet 🔥😂

Unless you regularly fly first class, or maybe on a private jet with a personal chef, you’ve probably never eaten a meal served on an airplane and thought to yourself, “This is some great tasting food. If only I could enjoy it at home.”

But if you do enjoy airline food, you’re in luck! United Airlines put out their own cookbook.

At this point, the bland nature of airline food is a bad joke about a bad joke. The idea of purposefully making it for yourself at home is not an appealing idea.

So when this book was announced, actress Busy Philipps (Dawson’s Creek, Busy Tonight) had only one response.

Philipps started a new talk show in October called Busy Tonight. On the half-hour show, she interviews other celebrities and chats about buzz-worthy pop culture highlights from the week. Earlier this week, though, she took a step back from the spotlight due to a case of strep throat.

When she was still able to come out against this book despite being ill, it struck a chord — a “no” chord.

United Airlines has been in the news a lot over the last year or two with a spate of public fiascos. In April 2017, Dr. David Dao was forcibly dragged off a flight. The Aviation Security Officers pulled him from his seat and his face hit an armrest on the way out, knocking him unconscious and bloodying his mouth.

The airline also saw more animal deaths on their flights than the other three reporting airlines combined in 2017. And there was that incident when the airline gave away a toddler’s seat, forcing his mother to hold him the entire flight.

Maybe this is an effort get back in the public’s good graces, but it still makes us ask, ‘Why?’

To be clear, this is not a cookbook of food prepared and served to coach passengers. It is inspired by the first class and business meal service, reimagined by United’s chefs. They worked with chefs from The Trotter Project to ensure the recipes would be delicious. A portion of the book’s proceeds will even benefit the Trotter Project to assist future culinary professionals.

It’s possible some will try it out.

That said, this looks like a poor marketing decision. Between the reputation of airline food and the reputation of the airline itself, United Airlines making a cookbook seems like a bad call. Only time will tell if it works out.