Sarah Sanders Reportedly Can’t Leave The White House Because No One Will Hire Her—So Twitter Offers Ideas For #SarahsNextJob

Rumor has it that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trying to get out. She’s reportedly been looking for a job outside the administration, without any success.

What’s a government official to do?

Lucky for her, Sanders has a new Twitter hashtag to help her get a job! Most suggest she stick to what she knows best.

The Trump administration is in disarray. Their communication with the press and public has seen the President himself become front and center. He’s also turned to having Stephen Miller do interviews to answer questions about the President’s agenda.

Meanwhile, Sanders has transitioned to speaking to the press only once a month, as opposed to a few times a week. The reason for her absence? Since the summer, it’s been rumored she’s been looking to leave.

Now a source for Yahoo News has reported she is only still there because she can’t get a job anywhere else.

And Twitter is only too eager to help.

An anonymous source from Trump’s former transition team was quoted on Sanders interviewing with other companies.

“Everybody’s told her no. Sarah can’t find work. … Raj [Shah] can’t find work either.”

Both Sanders and Raj Shah, the principal deputy press secretary, have reportedly been looking to leave since June. Despite having no new jobs lined up, their White House roles have been diminished. In addition to the less frequent press meetings for Sanders, Shah has seen his duties dwindle and he’s been out of the public eye.

This might be for the best, as Twitter isn’t great at finding fitting jobs.

Trump has had an exceedingly high turnover rate of the top ranking members of his cabinet. While turnover is not unusual in any administration, the fact that some of his most public-facing officials have left makes this unprecedented. Most recently, Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly and Defence Secretary Jim Mattis announced their departures.

Is it possible to teach Sanders something in a new job?

Sanders’ position normally has five press briefings a week. Since summer, there have been far fewer meetings, with just one in the entire month of October. Whatever the future holds for Sarah Sanders, she might be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to finding a new gig.