Woman Discovers Teddy Bear Gift From White Elephant Gift Exchange Has Human Remains Inside ????

White elephant gifts are notorious for their oddity and questionable usefulness, but Rakhi Desai of Houston, Texas, got something more bizarre than anyone expected during her work gift exchange.

After walking away with a teddy bear with the label “Neptune Society” on its foot, Desai did a little research and quickly found that her bear was stuffed with another person’s remains.

Desai’s work colleague bought the bear at an estate sale but has since forgotten when and where the sale happened.

Desai is now taking steps to find the bear’s family, to whom it probably has a profound significance:

“It seems to me that this bear is very special to somebody and belongs in somebody’s family.” 

Twitter was equal parts amused and horrified.

The bear certainly made a memorable gift, though not one Desai would want again.

When it came to the bear, Twitter was in no short supply of gallows humor.

The company on the bear’s foot, Neptune Society, doesn’t track its bears in any way, but the bear does have a name on its tag.

Desai hopes its true owners will be able to identify it using its name, reuniting the family with its lost loved one:

“Miracles happen every day, so if there’s a positive end to this story, that’ll be great.”

Good luck, Ms. Desai! We hope the bear finds its way back home.