Jim Carrey Savages Trump With Plate Of Poo In New Year’s Cartoon ????

Actor Jim Carrey closed out the year with a major stink bomb for Donald Trump, and it may help you to stave off your fudge chocolate cake cravings for the foreseeable future.

For his 2018 swan song, Carrey lampooned 45 in his signature way: with a political cartoon.

In the drawing, the president is about to gorge on a huge plate of poo. Trump licks his lips while holding a forkful of excrement. The steaming entree on his plate is accompanied by a miniature Russian flag poking out of the poop as fireworks dominate the Capitol Hill skyline behind him.

Carrey wrote in Monday’s tweet:

“One last tweet about this Stinker for 2018. Remember — no matter what #PresidentNeverWas says in the New Year… THIS IS NOT A PIE. Happy New Year, Everyone!”

Pass the napkin, please. The Twitter floor is ready for a discussion about poop.

Fans complimented the chef on his brazen work of art.

President Trump’s dinner was not Carrey’s only drawing in the last month. He shared other illustrations reflecting the turbulent political landscape as 2018 drew to a close.

There was a portrait of Lady Liberty.

An arresting caricature of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Parting words for the departed Speaker of the House. 

And a glimmer of hope for justice.

Carrey first introduced his anti-Trump political cartoons in August 2017 with his unflattering depiction of the President adrift on a sailboat over a sea of lies.

He captioned the illustration:

“WHAT WILL IT TAKE for the GOP to throw this madman overboard? HOW LOW MUST WE SINK before REPS become patriotic?”

On October 23, 2018, the Maccarone Gallery in Los Angeles featured the “IndigNation” exhibit, showcasing 108 of the artist’s pen and ink sketches from his 2016–2018 Twitter feed.

The 56-year-old Canadian described his work from “IndigNation” as “really a revisitation, a re-gifting of my childhood. It’s become a political thing at the moment because I think that’s necessary. But it’s a thing that’s been in my life, my whole life.”

Critics and Trump supporters may consider the final cartoon of 2018 as excreta non grata, but Carrey fans believe the subject is getting his just desserts.