Andy Cohen Is Not Having Any Of James Woods’ Homophobic NYE Comment Shenanigans

James Woods has a thing for coming after gay men. He’s never made his homophobia and his general lack of respect for the LGBT community a secret, but most people tend to just ignore it as the ramblings of an out-of-touch old man.

Andy Cohen is not most people.

In May 2017, Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes on air in response to something Kellyanne Conway said. He was not the first person to do that, nor was he the last. Anderson was the only one to draw the ire of Trump-supporting Woods, though. James Woods tweeted about the moment and, rather than commenting about political opinions, lack of professionalism, or anything relevant, he gave us this.

Yeah. It’s gross. 

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2018. Anderson and Andy Cohen, both openly gay men, were having a moment hosting. The two did a celebratory shot together, and it was clear that Cooper doesn’t do shots often. Cooper wasn’t ready for the burn and he gagged and made some noises that sounded — not even going to lie — like a cartoon chicken.  Continuing his noises and obviously kidding around at this point, Cooper said, “It’s like burning your lungs!”

Woods tweeted the 27-second clip with a comment taking shots at the men — and all men in 2019.

Because back in his day real men could drink lighter fluid and pretend it was tasty?

You’d think most of Woods’ followers would share the same mentality he does, but a surprising number of people were really turned off by the jab.

They weren’t shy about letting him know.

Among the people who were NOT having it was Andy Cohen, who fired back by sharing James’ tweet with a minor adjustment. 

Which set off a whole parade of comments like these: 

Guys, as we move into 2019, can we please let go of the idea that “real men” are heavy drinkers of hard liquor? I mean, have you ever tried a piña colada? They’re delicious and they don’t attack you as you try to swallow them. Besides, if Harrison Ford winces, we feel like that pretty much kills the entire argument.