The First Openly Bisexual Senator Was Not Sworn In On A Bible And People Are Loving It

One of the greatest things about the swearing-in of the 116th Congress this week was the incredible diversity of the new class.

Much was made online of just the photos of the new House of Representatives alone—filled with far more than we’re used to seeing.

The majority GOP Senate, of course, was a different story.

But it wasn’t without some newfound diversity of its own—and one freshman Senator in particular made Vice President Mike Pence almost visibly strain to remain upbeat.

And it was… delicious.

New Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is everything Mike Pence can’t abide:

not only openly bisexual, but openly uninterested in Jesus.

In fact, she’s the first Senator to be openly religiously unaffiliated—and only the second to be openly queer (after Senator Tammy Baldwin, who is a lesbian).

Sinema was even sworn in differently—not on a Bible, but on a simple volume that contained the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Arizona.

Even Sinema’sElle Woods-ian outfit drew attention for being low-key subversive—Huffington Post even provided a detailed explanation of how Sinema’s ensemble—from the form-fitting skirt to the platinum curls—delves into the “high femme” esthetics of queer and lesbian culture.

So if you’re taking tallies, that’s an openly bisexual, openly irreligious woman dressed in high femme queer regalia being sworn in by a virulently homophobic, wildly misogynistic, Christian extremist advocate for gay reparative therapy.

*presses play on national anthem*

Oh—and she even made a veiled gay marriage joke about the tape marks on the floor, one of which is for the Congressperson’s spouse.

“Can I get a spouse?” she asked the crowd as Pence tried to seem game and laugh along.


And the internet was DELIGHTED:

Looks like the queerest and most diverse Congress in history is off to rollicking start!