Zac Efron Shares The Emotional Impact His Insane Workouts Had On Him During Filming

Zac Efron’s name has become synonymous with a perfect body since his days as the heart-throb in the High School Musical franchise. All three films are now available here if you’re craving a little old school Efron.

Roles in (critically un-acclaimed) movies like Baywatch and Neighbors really showed audiences just what Zac’s physique was capable of with a lot of training and hard work.

Recently, the actor teemed with retail giant, Amazon, to share his curated list of fitness products.

The star announced the team-up on Twitter.

The list has everything from sneaker recommendations to fitness tech to home gyms.

However, Efron does not suggest working out at the level and intensity that he did when preparing for movies like Baywatch where Efron readily admitted being shirtless onscreen next to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was intimidating. If your cravings run more towards all grown up Efron, Baywatch is available on multiple formats here.

In an interview with People, Zac spoke about the times he trained diligently on his fitness.

“It’s definitely fun because you get to put everything on the line in terms of your work ethic and seeing how far you can push it. It’s a finite period of time, but I would not consider that a healthy or normal way to live everyday life.”

It was not all “fun” for him.

“My mood was terrible. In retrospect I can look back now and say that. People weren’t telling me I was mean or anything, but I could feel that lack of carbohydrate.”

We hear you! Who wants to give up bread and pasta and pizza and….


What were we talking about?



Oh, yeah.

Efron went on to describe the freedom he feels when he’s not training as hard.

“It’s so much better to be off and being free. I love being able to wake up and do whatever I want to do. I’m not indebted to training or I’m not eating a certain thing.”

While I am glad that Efron’s mental state is back to a happy and healthy place, there’s no denying that his toned body is to die for.

Even by dad standards.

Guess I know where I’m shopping for all my fitness needs from now on.