Axl Rose Just Teamed Up With The Looney Tunes For His First Song In Over A Decade ????

If you’re a fan of rock music, or dramatic lead singer shenanigans, then you already know who Axl Rose is. The front man for Guns N’ Roses has ascended to legendary status not only for his incredible vocal abilities and his little crab dance, but for his commitment to saying and doing things that people aren’t expecting. He’s shouted odd things into microphones, attacked people in his audience, made people wait ages for the now infamous Chinese Democracy. And don’t even get us started on “The Buckethead Years.”

Axl Rose has always been good at surprising people. He’s been touring from time to time with original members of GNR but we haven’t heard any actual new music since 2008 when Chinese Democracy went from being a thing of legend to a real, actual album. It’s been pretty much crickets for the last decade as far as new music is concerned. Just when fans had started to think maybe Axl might never give us anything new, he hit us with this.

It’s not Guns N’ Roses but that doesn’t mean his backing band is any less legendary or awesome. 

Boomerang is a network designed to give us the old characters we loved, often in new formats. The video is allegedly a promo for the network’ new show “New Looney Tunes.” We don’t have context yet, but we’ll explain what we can. The band consists of Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig, with a squirrel homie on drums and a monster who looks a lot like a toned-down Gossamer on washboard. A goat in a hoodie shows up on tambourine later in the video. The crew seems determined to save the world with the power of rock and roll. See, there’s an asteroid comin’ in hot.

The asteroid was kind enough to snap a selfie and update its social media with the caption “totes earth smashin’ #armageddon” and Earth immediately disliked that with a thumbs down. Axl and crew aren’t having it. So they use the power of rock to destroy the asteroid. Wile E. Coyote comes in with a solid assist, using some rockets he just happened to have laying around. The band is eventually successful in saving us all, but not before we get some sweet animated crab dance action.

Word got around to Twitter pretty quickly, and people are torn.

We want your thoughts. Axl has always been full of surprises, so do you see this as just another thing in his bag of tricks? Or do you think this is kind of embarrassing for him? Let us know!