Fans Lament Digital Downloads After ‘Lego: Lord Of The Rings’ Game Is Pulled From Sale

On Friday, January 4, the video games Lego: Lord of the Rings and Lego: The Hobbit were removed without warning or ceremony from all digital stores.

While physical copies of the game may still be borrowed or sold, many gamers felt helpless to know that, if their local store doesn’t happen to have a copy, there’s nothing they can do to get it.

While ten years ago, digital stores had a negligible impact on the world of games, the present-day gaming community is hugely reliant on downloadable games and content.

This incident has reminded many people why physical copies of games still exist.

In the days leading up to the game’s disappearance, its price dropped to $0. Since it was six years old and only a modest hit at its release, this didn’t garner much attention from the community.

Those who took note of the change, however, suspected it may disappear soon.

Obviously, Lord of the Rings jokes were in no short supply:

There is no deeper despair than knowing there’s a game you can never have…

Of course, there are still ways Lego: LOTR can be played!

Those who swear by physical copies had a long-awaited “I-told-you-so” moment.

Some Twitter users were more confused than anything else. Why take a game off a digital store?

It seems that in a land void of digital copies, the one disc man is king.

What gamers truly fear is a world where their favorite games could disappear forever, with no way of retrieving them.

No major game studios have announced any plans to stop producing physical copies of their games, but digital downloads are becoming more and more prominent, with many smaller game studios opting to produce their indie games for download-only.

After instances like this, many gamers hope the trend will stop there.