Zendaya’s Post-Wisdom Teeth Removal Pic Inspires Fans To Share Their Own ‘Chipmunk Cheek’ Selfies ????

Actress Zendaya recently shared an uncomfortable rite of passage that many young adults loathe: getting her wisdom teeth removed — and looking like a chipmunk afterward.

But fans on social media are cracking up after the 22-year-old posted several pictures and videos detailing her experience at the dentist. Zendaya got the works, including the classic puffy cheeks and bandage around her head. She also appeared pleasantly medicated after having her teeth extracted, leading to some strange moments.

Zendaya puffed up dramatically, calling herself a “hot ass mess” on Twitter.

It’s hard to tell exactly what Zendaya’s saying in the clip above, mostly due to all that gauze in her mouth.

Fans posted pictures of their own chipmunk cheeks in solidarity.

People shared their experiences recovering from dental surgery.

A lot of fans thought Zendaya still looked amazing after her surgery.

Wisdom teeth (and their annoyances) are a popular topic on Twitter.


Getting teeth extracted is never fun, but Zendaya managed to make it hilarious and stylish.