Airline Ignores Bethenny Frankel’s Severe Allergy To Fish, Ends Up Forcing Her Plane To Turn Around

Bethenny Frankel has had another close encounter with an allergic reaction to fish. The Real Housewives of New York star had to have an airplane turn around to avoid a potentially deadly scenario.

On January 3, the 48-year-old TV personality boarded a flight on an airline that she refuses to name. She says she called multiple times to verify that there wouldn’t be fish served on the flight.

After takeoff, however, the reality star discovered they were serving bass.

After the captain was informed, he made the call to turn the plane around, against Frankel’s wishes. This was the right call, according to travel safety specialists.

An allergy to finned fish is a rare condition, with anaphylaxis being rarer, but still possible. If you have the condition, it’s particularly difficult to even be around fish, as its proteins can be aerosolized from cooking it.

Because of this, being trapped with cooking fish in a small space like an airplane can be deadly for someone with a fish allergy.

This is Frankel’s second scare, though her last one was more serious. In December, the star said she was taken to the ICU after she ate soup and passed out.

This is the second time fish allergies have been in the news recently. An 11-year-old boy died in Brooklyn last Tuesday night. Camron Jean-Pierre had a known fish allergy and was with his father going to visit his grandmother.

As they arrived, they smelled the cod she was cooking.

Jean-Pierre’s father said:

“It just so happens they was cooking it when we came in. Usually he don’t get nothing that severe.”

The boy lost consciousness and his father tried to revive him. He was taken to Brookdale Hospital, but he couldn’t be saved. The city’s medical examiner has yet to issue an official cause of death.

Every allergy needs to be taken seriously.

Many are glad Frankel is okay:

We can probably all agree that, after she confirmed with the airline several times they would not be serving fish, this never should’ve happened in the first place.