Alabama Authorities Actually Had To Warn People Not To Eat Chicken Tenders From A Truck Crash ????

Folks, we learned not to eat food off the floor as children. As adults, we need to get it together. We can’t scold our kids for eating floor food (like the cheese that fell off my pizza when I was in fourth grade. We had just swept, the five-second rule was totally in play and it was pizza cheese, Mom. I still regret nothing.) if we’re going to swarm an overturned chicken truck.

Yes, that happened. Authorities had to step in and speak up after a traffic accident had people acting a bit more strangely than usual.

An 18-wheeler overturned on an Alabama highway and spilled its load: boxes and boxes of chicken tenders. 

Hungry Chicken Nuggets GIF by Carl's Jr. - Find & Share on GIPHY


So what did drivers do? Exactly what they’ve been fussing at their kids about. They descended on that floor-food like it was a piñata party, you guys. Drivers stopped along the highway to snag the boxes of chicken-y goodness. Really, this just proves what we already knew, that people take their fried chicken products very seriously in the South. The only problem was all that stopping caused some traffic issues and the Alabama highway authorities had to deal with the fallout. The tweet is kind of amazing, honestly.

The Sheriff says stop it with the highway chicken, people of Alabama! Just let it go! 


Of course the tweet was popular; the idea of people scrambling in and out of traffic for boxes of fried chicken is mind-boggling. Are there legitimate hunger issues? Is free food too good to pass up? Did one person realize it was chicken tenders and let everyone else know because chicken is life? We have tons of questions and no real answers… except that people are really into chicken.


Free street chicken is tempting, but there are more issues than just traffic problems. It may be January but Alabama is pretty warm. That chicken wasn’t going to last long outside of the refrigerated truck. There were some salmonella and general food poisoning concerns. Not all golden chicken tenders are your friends, folks.


But most people seemed to be wondering the same thing… does this really need to be said?  Yes. The answer is yes. 


So, look… we know free pavement-chicken is tempting. We get it. But if we expect our kids to resist eating food off the floor, we have to do the same thing, Alabama. Otherwise, it’s hypocrisy and we’re better than that, aren’t we?