‘Star Trek 4’ Has Been ‘Shelved’ After Franchise’s First Female Director Leaves For Enticing New Project

SJ Clarkson, best known for producing and directing Collateral, was set to be the first female director to helm a film in the new Star Trek franchise.

However, Deadline reported this past Tuesday:

“SJ Clarkson (‘Marvel’s The Defenders’, ‘Jessica Jones’) has been tapped to direct and executive produce HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel pilot from feature writer Jane Goldman and author/GOT co-executive producer George R.R. Martin.”

Clarkson’s departure was the latest salvo in an embattled production. Chris Hemsworth was in talks to reprise his role as Captain James T. Kirk’s father, George Kirk. However, contract negotiations between Hemsworth, as well as between the studio and its star, Chris Pine, broke down. The loss of their director seems to have been the last straw and Star Trek 4 has been shelved.

Many fans were heartbroken.

Though some thought the franchise had run its course.

And a few thought they simply needed to find a new director and keep it moving.

Whether Star Trek 4 remains shelved indefinitely or only temporarily remains to be seen.