Talented 2nd Grader’s Drawing Of Dinosaurs Is The Latest Google Doodle

It’s a fun little thrill when you go to search for something and find the Google logo looks a little different. Sometimes it’s commemorating the life of a person you may not have known existed. Maybe it’s a fun game. Or maybe it’s just that a young girl just really likes dinosaurs.

The Google Doodle yesterday was illustrated by second-grader Sarah Gomez-Lane.

The theme was “What inspires me” and the young girl was inspired by her dream of becoming a paleontologist.

Sarah is the winner of the 10th annual Doodle 4 Google contest. Every year, Google receives hundreds of thousands of entries but can only pick one to become a doodle.

Sarah’s drawing was actually picked last year.

The reason it took so long was special. This is the first time the Google Doodle team decided to try making a contest winner’s doodle animated.

And it looks great!

Google Doodles have proven very popular. When the search giant released a doodle commemorating Pac-Man, it was estimated that over 4.8 million hours of productivity were collectively lost to the doodle game. More recently, Google’s done the same with the Rubik’s Cube, and a multiplayer Halloween game.

Speaking of, it’s time to play with the dinosaurs!

This doodle isn’t just for fun, either. The winner of the Google 4 Doodle contest receives a college scholarship. Sarah has $30,000 set aside to help her get that paleontology degree.

You’re saying we can get money for doodling?

This year’s Doodle contest is open for submissions. The theme this time around is “When I grow up, I hope…” and invites kids to look at the future. Submissions will be accepted until March 18.