Club Promoter’s Pics Of Young Celebs Out On The Town Before Social Media Was A Thing Has Us In Full On Nostalgia Mode

As social media continues to rapidly change the way we live, even the early 2000s are starting to seem like a decidedly different world. People appear to be getting a bit nostalgic for the time, as evidenced by a Twitter Moment posted yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter (THR) featuring iconic never-before-seen photos of celeb nightlife pre-social media days.

According to THR, the photos were taken by Pantera Sarah, a top club promoter at the time, who is now sharing her personal treasure trove of celebrity snapshots. The collection features “A-listers at now-defunct hotspots,” including the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as others.

Check out this blast from the past:

Commenters shared their nostalgia and a touch of bittersweet longing:

Some shared similar photos of their own:

Sarah’s collection spans some 15,000 photos taken during the time, a handful of which she released to THR with the celebs’ permission.

“This was like the Instagram of the day,” (except private) she told THR, reflecting on a way of life for celebs that would be forever changed in a few short years once social media fully took over.

Many lamented the changes social media has brought about for everyone:

But a handful of commenters weren’t so sympathetic or sentimental:

And finally, this commenter reminded everyone of the paparazzi’s role in dismantling the way things were:

Check out The Hollywood Reporter so see all the photos and read about what it was like at the time.