Kelly Clarkson’s Tweet About Holiday Weight Gain Is Entirely Too Relatable ????

With the sweet treats, big parties, and lavish dinners, we all tend to accumulate a few extra pounds during the holidays. Music superstar Kelly Clarkson drew some attention to this fact in a tongue-in-cheek Twitter post her fans could totally relate to!

Don’t worry, Kelly, we’re right there with you.

At the end of the day, Clarkson is beloved by her supporters no matter what.

Since winning the first season of American Idol at age 20, Clarkson’s weight has often fluctuated and has been the source of much gossip in the music community.

Though the star has always insisted she’s happy in her own skin regardless of her weight, she’s spoken more in recent years about how near-constant criticism of her physique has affected her emotionally.

Clarkson told People: 

“Even on American Idol I was really thin, but I was bigger than the other girls on the show, so people would say things to me, but luckily I am super confident, so I’ve never had a problem with shutting people down and saying, ‘Yeah, you know, that’s just what I’m rocking. It’s fine.'”


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Posted by Kelly Clarkson on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Clarkson has also spoken about struggling with bulimia in high school, where she thought “she’d get more parts in school plays and opportunities to sing if she were thinner.”

Fortunately, the world continues to grow and Kelly’s fans are growing right alongside her.

She’s got their support no matter what!

We’re all still recovering from the holiday feasts together…

In an era defined by celebrities’ perfectly polished online presences, Clarkson’s fans are grateful to her for being so real about how she feels about her body.

It seems almost everyone is going through many of the same things…even super-talented rockers like Kelly Clarkson!

Keep rocking that self-confidence, Kelly.