Lindsay Lohan Has Her Sights Set On A Coveted Disney Live-Action Role

Disney’s remakes of their classic animated movies continue to wash ashore, and Lindsay Lohan isn’t giving up her dream of playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

The fiery redheaded actress told Variety she’s long coveted the role and considers The Little Mermaid her favorite film. Few details have bubbled up about the live-action rendering of Atlantica, but reports indicate that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will contribute original music.

Is Lindsay Lohan the perfect actress to play Disney’s beloved mermaid? 

“I’m going to harass my agent about it after this,” joked Lindsay, who sounds determined to win over rumored director Rob Marshall. Despite being in development for over two years, Marshall recently told SyFy Wire that it’s too early for casting decisions to be announced.

Fans of Lohan’s classic roles in movies like The Parent Trap are pulling for her.

As always, there are plenty of mean trolls who doubt Lohan. 

Others are enthused about Lohan starring alongside Meryl Streep, who’s rumored to play Ursula.

Lohan’s also talking about her burning desire for a Mean Girls sequel.

Some pointed out there actually is a sequel to Mean Girls, though it was poorly received.

Despite her turbulent past, fans still love Lindsay Lohan.

It would be pretty sweet to see Lindsay Lohan play a mermaid princess and swim around the underwater kingdom of Atlantica. Though some trolls are calling her acting career dead in the water, we’re rooting for Lindsay as she fights against the current for the role of her dreams.