Woman Raised By Anti-Vaxxer Parents Goes Viral After Taking Her Health Into Her Own Hands ????

When you’ve been raised by parents who neglected your health, it can be freeing to finally get things taken care of. A Redditor is sharing her first step toward taking back control of her health after being raised by parents who did not have her vaccinated.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared to Reddit her first set of vaccine injections.

My parents denied me vaccinations as a child. Today, I was finally able to take my health into my own hands! from pics

She later did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to tell the rest of her story. Her parents didn’t want her vaccinated due to rumors about autism, as well as a belief it would damage her immune system. She describes getting the flu every year and a case of the chickenpox.

While her parents never hid the idea of being anti-vax, it didn’t become much of an issue since the Redditor was homeschooled. As she got older, she started to question more and talk with her doctor.

When she finally got the nerve as an adult to get her vaccinations, she shared it with Reddit and found a lot of congratulatory responses.


“Congratulations. It drives me absolutely insane that in Ontario (Canada) we still use this stupid paper form to track immunizations.” d_rickards


“Thank you for caring about the rest of humanity and congratulations on getting vaccinated. I hope the shots didn’t hurt too much and that you don’t have any crummy side effects.” barcaloco


“Saw your post on r/nostupidquestions yesterday, glad you were able to get them done! Hope they weren’t too bad” – mpjx


“Congratulations for living long enough to get vaccinated.” – SausageMcWonderpants


“Vaccines cause adults” – Natethegreat9999


The efficacy of vaccines has been a big topic lately. While the anti-vax movement has never been silent, a 1998 study published by the now discredited Andrew Wakefield that tried to establish a link between vaccines and autism really brought it to the forefront. This view was expanded by celebrities and alternative medicine advocates.

Modern vaccines have come close to eliminating diseases that used to be fatal. While no medicine is without its dangers and side effects, doctors generally agree that the benefits outweigh the dangers.

And it’s especially important for stories like these to be shared.


“Hmm. I haven’t had any vaccines since I was maybe 12 years old. I am now 52. I wonder if I should do something about that? (seriously)” – phooka


“My brother and I went to live with our grandma when we were 13 and 10 respectively. We were taken out of catholic school, put in public school where vaccines were mandatory, and now we aren’t dead. It’s lovely” – FireandBloodandStuff


“Wait you can get vaccinated for chickenpox? I was made to go to ‘chickenpox parties’ when I was a kid!!!” – Skippylu


“That’s awesome that there’s a chickenpox vaccine now. When I was young, if one kid caught it in the neighborhood everyone else would try to get their kids to catch it so they could ‘get it over with'” – spilk


“My parents was the opposite. They never kept health records, and every time a school wants vaccination records, I get a new series of shots. We moved often. …Last time it was for college, after that I took over my own health records. Then the army also gave me additional shots. …So I am probably the most vaccinated man ever.” – strangedigital


The AMA is finished and the original poster is happy to move on with her life. She still maintains a positive relationship with her anti-vax parents, but understands they don’t agree with her decision. Ultimately, it’s her life and it’s important she can maintain her health.