Sophie Turner Eviscerates Piers Morgan After He Claims Celebs Fake Mental Illness Because It’s ‘Fashionable’

Conservative television personality Piers Morgan seems super determined to be the poster boy for hateful, old, out-of-touch white men with superiority issues. People have been talking and writing about his antics for years. Piers has repeatedly fat-shamed and slut-shamed young talent, likes to tag celebs on Twitter to drag them into arguments, complained that James Bond wasn’t manly anymore because he was a good dad, and even got into an argument with Ariana Grande’s mom.

Piers Morgan arguing with a pop star’s mom? 

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Morgan’s opinions are getting him in trouble yet again. Recently, he tweeted about celebs faking mental illness. It started with British actress Beverly Callard. She gave an interview where she claimed that young Hollywood is making mental illness seem cool. Talking openly about mental illness has apparently made it trendy, and the upshot of the interview was that a significant number of people fake mental illness to fit in.

Piers tweeted about the interview, saying that he agreed 100%.

You’d think his followers would be likely to share his stance, but a significant number of them totally disagreed. 

Actress Sophie Turner was absolutely having none of it. First, she responded directly to Morgan:  

And then she added her own thoughts in a series of tweets that caught lots of attention. Her tweets sparked a conversation on mental illness, coping mechanisms and how helpful and healthy it is to be able to have an open dialogue.

Thousands of people have chimed in to share their opinions. You can join the conversation here. While that conversation was happening, other people were kicked back enjoying the way Turner so quickly swooped in and swatted Morgan down.

Brace for Game of Thrones memes, guys! 

Brava, Ms. Turner.