Yes, That’s Ana Navarro Filing Her Nails Like A Boss On The Air During A Live Debate

CNN contributor Ana Navarro is a battle-tested veteran of fierce cable news debate, but she might be getting bored with Trump surrogate Steve Cortez.

Navarro started nonchalantly filing her nails while clashing with Cortez over a controversial joke Donald Trump Jr. made on Instagram. Trump Jr.’s offending remark compared immigrants to zoo animals, suggesting they both belong behind walls.

Her response to Cortez’s weak attempts to justify the nasty Instagram post totally nailed the President’s son.

Navarro stated:

“Zoos have fences to protect animals from people like Donald Trump Jr. who shoot them.” 

Watch the exchange here:

We’re all tired of seeing political opponents argue incoherently on cable news and even pros like Navarro find it tedious. She knows there’s little use in trying to convince President Trump’s devoted yes-man that Jr. should tone down his racially-charged attacks on immigrants.

Fans of the outspoken and sassy Navarro celebrated the nail filing on Twitter.

Cortez rattled off several misleading statistics about immigrants, leading to the controversial moment.

But right-wing supporters of Donald Trump claim Navarro disrespected those affected by violence from undocumented immigrants.

One person had an epic clapback for all the right-wing outrage on Twitter.

But Trump supporters remain upset about the “tacky” nail filing incident.

It’s obvious to most however that Navarro only intended to disrespect the sketchy and unverified information and outright lies spouted by Cortez.

Conservatives can whine about Navarro’s supposed lack of professionalism, but the real issue is the Trump administration’s fondness for spreading misinformation and propaganda to the American public.

Until Trump and his cronies stop manipulating the facts about the rates of criminality among immigrants, they don’t deserve Ana Navarro’s full attention. If anything, she deserves a pedicure while debating loudmouth Steve Cortez.