James Comey Tweets Historic Quote After Being The Target Of Trump’s Latest Twitter Rant 🔥

Since being unceremoniously fired by President Trump, former FBI director James Comey has been no stranger to challenging the President on his home turf… Twitter.

It all started when The New York Times reported that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into the President himself after he fired Comey.

In response, President Trump tweeted on Saturday…

Of course, as The New York Times details, there was plenty of proof and red flags that sparked the investigation and the President is once again engaging in his favorite past-time… blatant lying.

Then, James Comey tweeted what seems like a response.

People were here for the subtweet mic drop.

Though many were still upset with Comey for the perception that he handed the election to President Trump thanks to his October 28th disclosure that the FBI briefly reopened the Clinton email investigation.

But most thought where there was smoke, or in the President’s words, smock, there’s fire.

Only time will tell us where this is all leading.

Till then, we have to deal with the ‘stable genius’ occupying the Oval Office.