Whoopi Goldberg’s Dog Is Getting Married And His Wedding Will Probably Be Fancier Than Yours

Nothing is more exciting to us common folk than a grand, lavish wedding filled with a-list celebrities, cake, and champagne. Whoopi Goldberg took to social media to share a blush and gold accented invitation to the wedding of the year on Thursday, and I can’t nuptials – or should I say puptials?

The award-winning actress, comedian, author, and television host announced that her granddog, Filmore Deanis getting married to the equally-as-elite Izzy the Frenchie.

Mark your calendars!

Goldberg announced the exciting news on Instagram:

“Heads up! There’s a wedding in the family!!! My granddog is getting hitched!!” The View co-host wrote. “What has the world come to? Lol.”

In case you were wondering, yes, she and her daughter Alex Martin-Dean actually mailed physical copies of these invites out to loved ones – and a squad of famous four-legged friends, I assume.

How did these two lovers meet, anyways? Hendrix and Goldberg met at a campaign for Hillary Clinton, became friends and introduced their furry friends and the rest, as they say, is history.

And the wedding is no joke. The cake is being flown in from Dulce Desserts in Nashville, Tennessee.

This dog wedding is probably going to cost more than my own wedding will, and I’m ok with that:

Dulce Desserts is a boutique bakery which specializes in handcrafted artisanal wedding cakes. Casual. 

The two pups are going to get hitched at a private venue in Manhattan on January 26 at 5:30. Goldberg is hosting a reception at her apartment afterwards. But it doesn’t stop there!

Timothy White, a celebrity photographer who has worked with everyone from Will Smith to Queen Latifah to Julia Roberts, is going to be shooting the extravaganza. Rick Hendrix, father of the blushing bride-to-be, assuring she is working with her stylist – a former employee of Dior – to have a custom wedding gown made for the special occasion.

I mean, we wouldn’t expect anything less of a cute canine who has amassed 126,000 followers, and features in top publications such as VoguePaper Magazine, and People, now would we?

Don’t worry about the groom, because he’ll be dressed in custom duds of his own, Hendrix is having a custom tuxedo made from a designer in Ukraine.

People couldn’t help but laugh at how planned out these puptials are:

I mean, I couldn’t make this up if I tried to.

But also, everyone is in full support of making this happen:

Should we create a hashtag? #MrandMrsDean?

And of course, people want to see photos ASAP:

Considering the celebrity photographer who will be there, along with the plethora of pawesome photo opportunities – I doubt we have to worry about photos.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be-newlywed couple! No doubt the event will be stunning:

Not at all jealous of a dog. Nope. Not at all.