CBS Left Generation X Off Of Their List of Generations, And GenXers Responded In The Most On-Brand Way ????

The media loves to complain about Millennials. There’s a new article out daily about them ruining some industry or another, calling them whiny or entitled, etc. Recently, CBS was so focused on Millennials and calling them out for things that the news station forgot about Gen X entirely. Gen X responded with a resounding “meh.”

So on-brand, you guys.

First, let’s take a look at the graphic that started this all. CBS listed generations by their name, birth years, and the ages its members would be right now. They covered people as old as 90 and as young as newborns, but apparently forgot that people aged 38 – 53 actually exist. That seems strange since we can guarantee a significant number of people working for CBS actually fall within that age range. We aren’t sure if it was a purposeful move or a legitimate oversight, but Generation X was somehow absent from the list of generations.

Shout out to the Millennials, who were repeatedly mentioned — of course. 

Twitter Screenshot


People picked up immediately that something was missing — and nobody was particularly shocked at who had been forgotten.



’80s movie references were perfect for the moment. 



So, GenXers out there — don’t despair. CBS may not remember that you exist, but Guacamoley does.