Virginia College Employs Team Of Robots To Deliver Pizza And Doughnuts To Its Student Population ????

Robots are being put to good use at a university in America—delivering coffee and pizza to the students.

The machines, made by Starship Technologies, deliver food from a selection of shops to students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

According to the university, it is “the first college campus to use these new technologies”.

The service, provided jointly by Starship and hospitality company Sodexo, went live on Tuesday and allows students to order from Blaze Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks and convenience store Second Stop.

The orders, placed through to Starship Deliveries app, will then be delivered by one of the Fairfax Campus’s 25 service robots—at a fee of 1.99 US dollars a time.

The robots are said to move at around 4mph and, upon arrival at their destination, can be unlocked by the customer with their phone via the app to get their food.

The robots appear to have been well received by students.

Virginia passed legislation to allow robots on pavements back in 2017, making it the first state to effectively legalize robot delivery.

In the UK, Starship robots have been used to trial deliveries by Co-op, Tesco and take-away company JustEat.