This Dutch Fashion House’s Recent Gowns Are Just Serving Up Handfuls Of Amazing Truths ????

Viktor & Rolf, founded in 1993 by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, has been a leading force in European avant-garde fashion for over 25 years.

In addition to some more obscure lines, their fashion has been seen on runways and red carpets across the globe.

During 2019 couture week in Paris, the fashion house busted out a series of new dresses, each with a clear message and story to tell.

The story, by and large, was, “I’m over this.”

Viktor & Rolf really spared no expense to get their message across.

Their message being, “leave me alone, but pay attention.”

People are really feeling that these dresses are a big 2019 mood.

The pieces include all of Viktor & Rolf’s signature neon colors and ruffles, but the added text has prompted them to name this line “Fashion Statements.”

Get it?  Cause, statements?

The house has not commented on their line as of yet.

Haute Couture will end on Sunday, January 27th, 2019.