Woman Whose Life Was Forever Altered By A Vaccine As A Teen Rips Anti-Vaxxers A New One ????

Tiffany Yonts has every reason to hate vaccines. Vaccine injuries are rare, but they do happen – and Tiffany was one of those rare cases. At age 14, Tiffany was an athlete in excellent physical health. During a routine physical she received the typical set of vaccines, including one for tetanus and diphtheria. Tiffany’s immune system went haywire in response, attacking the nerves of her body. Her arms swelled, her limbs stopped working, her muscles froze and her diaphragm gave out. She had Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), an untreatable lifelong condition. Tiffany’s immune system will randomly attack different parts of her body for the rest of her life. She spent months confined to a bed struggling to breathe after her vaccine. Tiffany never fully recovered.

“I was misdiagnosed for two years (with multiple different things; my diagnosis changed constantly), so not even knowing what I was dealing with made it nearly impossible to come to terms with what had happened to me. I was in a powerful state of denial. Whenever I had an ounce of energy, I would use it to pretend that my life was still normal. I lost swimming, which was both my deepest passion and my job. I had only recently started working as a swim coach for young kids and I loved it with all of my heart. So, it definitely took me some time to accept that I’d basically lost my identity while also being completely in the dark when it came to what was actually happening with my body.” 

You would think that someone who lost everything because of a vaccine would be staunchly anti-vax, but in this case you’d be wrong. Tiffany struggled to come to terms with what was happening to her, so she poured herself into a quest for understanding. Her condition makes that difficult since it can sometimes mean she is struggling with a random bout of paralysis. Choosing understanding over fear changed everything for her.

She explains:

“After I learned what my diagnosis actually was, I spent a long time researching it and learning a lot about health and medicine. I even studied East Asian medicine (with a heavy dose of bio-med) for a while and, even though I was already pro-vaccine by that point, it helped me to really understand the physical processes and science behind vaccines and why they’re so necessary for public health.”

The increase in popularity of the anti-vax movement has really been bothering her, but Kat Von D’s recent anti-vax sentiments pushed her over the edge. She shared an incredibly blistering and insightful tweetstorm to speak up so the world could hear from someone who was actually harmed by vaccines, not just a celeb with annecdotal stories. Tiffany didn’t hold back, and her tweets garnered some serious attention. People are thanking her left and right for speaking up.

Here is her original thread. It’s long, but a worthwhile read:


People were shocked and moved by her words.


Of course she had her detractors, but Tiffany isn’t worried about them. She has spent years answering questions and facing the opinions of others who can’t grasp how she was nearly killed and will spend a lifetime in pain, but is still a strong voice in favor of vaccines – so it’s nothing new for her. You can read more about Tiffany and her story if you scroll through her Twitter feed. This thread sparked some really interesting and insightful conversation.