Miami Authorities Find Mysterious ‘Sinkhole’ Only To Realize It’s Not A Sinkhole At All ????

Police in Miami and the FBI are investigating a mysterious tunnel found under a road, which had previously been thought to be a sinkhole.

The tunnel in suburban Pembroke Pines led under the road towards a Chase Bank branch, around 150 feet away.

FBI spokesman Mike Leverock said officials were notified on January 29 after a motorist reported what looked like a sinkhole in the street.

He said:

“I saw something like this in the movies, however this hole is so small, it’s unique.”

Investigators found an entrance hole to the tunnel in a nearby wooded area that contained a small electric generator and some electrical cords.

A police dog determined there were no bodies inside the tunnel.

Officials said it wasn’t immediately clear how long the tunnel had been there.

There have been no reported robberies at the nearby bank, and no arrests have been made.