Woman’s Boyfriend Gets Totally Roasted After He Mistakes A Thermometer For A Pregnancy Test

Many couples live in fear of an unexpected pregnancy, but one woman’s boyfriend recently mistook a thermometer for a positive pregnancy test — and totally freaked out.

Twitter user VN$A posted screenshots of the viral text message exchange with her boyfriend that displayed a 100-degree fever. Her man couldn’t take the heat, nervously asking about birth control. It’s unclear whether he actually thinks women measure pregnancy by Fahrenheit, but the internet busted up laughing over the goofy mistake.

Does this thermometer look like a pregnancy test?

Ummm. No. 



Just for the record, here’s what an actual pregnancy test looks like:

A positive test result is typically indicated by two solid lines, but that process isn’t influenced by temperature.

VN$A’s poor boyfriend ended up getting totally roasted on Twitter.

But others roasted the boyfriend for completely different reasons.

One woman shared a similar mixup involving a thermometer.

Turns out mistaking thermometers for pregnancy tests isn’t all that uncommon.

Many joked that VN$A was pregnant with “one hundred babies.”

But despite all the jokes, VN$A still loves her clueless boyfriend. 

Come on, internet. Let’s give VN$A’s boyfriend a break… it was 7:00 AM!

But let’s face it… some guys just aren’t that smart. Ladies: warn your man before sending him a hot thermometer pic. Otherwise, he might freak out that you’re gonna have 98.6 babies together.