An Anti-Vaxxer Rally In Washington Amid The State’s Measles Outbreak Is Getting Roasted Hard By Twitter

The vaccination rate has spiked in the Pacific Northwest due to 57 confirmed cases of a measles outbreak, and parents realizing the threat is real are taking their children to see the doctor in increasing numbers.

Washington is one of 17 states that allow parents to refuse vaccinations for philosophical reasons, according to a CBS News report.

But that exemption is being challenged due to the outbreak.

Feeling threatened by a new proposal lawmakers are considering to prevent the measles vaccine exemption, anti-vaxxers gathered at a rally and pushed to preserve their right to refuse vaccinations for their children.

Many view this obstructionist agenda as a ridiculous crusade. Measles are extremely contagious; there is a 90% risk of a non-vaccinated person to get infected if they are in close proximity to those who have the disease. And the airborne virus can survive in a room with an infected person for up to two hours.

Got that cough mask on?


Monica Stonier, the state representative for Clark County, Washington, is co-sponsoring a bipartisan House bill that will require “every child at every public and private school in the state and licensed day care center” to get vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella unless they have a medical or religious exemption.

“Right now, my city is the hotbed for this outbreak,” she said, referring to the 51 cases her county alone is experiencing, with an additional 13 suspected cases.

“It certainly has reached a critical state in my county.”

She vouched for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which claims the two-dose MMR vaccination is 97% safe and effective.

“We have a lot of research to support that the vaccination for measles is highly effective.”

Resentment and outrage over parents pushing for the new bill is mounting, and many fear for their safety.

Twitter conveys its stance on this division perfectly with visuals.


But some mothers see a bigger threat to their children stemming from the vaccination, not the diseases.

Monique Murray won’t be swayed. She told CBS:

“I don’t feel I’m putting my child at risk. There’s nothing that’s going to change my mind on this on that specific vaccination.”

Abigail Eckhart’s blamed the vaccine for her middle child’s alleged side effects, which included behavioral problems and severe eczema. As a result, she refuses to vaccinate her youngest child.

“If you would have asked me four years ago, I would have told you, yeah, every child needs their vaccines because…”

“If I could go back, I wouldn’t have vaccinated any of my kids.”

Not everyone agrees with these protective mothers.

Dan Salmon, the former director of vaccine safety for the Department of Health and Human Services, insisted, “The benefits of the vaccine greatly outweigh the risks.”

The ignorance of anti-vaxxers is rampant.

But Mitchel Parks was put in his place.

Salmon brought up an interesting point about the vaccines bad rep. Many can’t fear what they haven’t experienced.

“People aren’t afraid of what they haven’t seen and what they don’t know, and we’d like to keep it that way.”

Hopefully, it’s not too late.