Coca-Cola Is Releasing A New Flavor In the USA For The First Time In Over A Decade That Is Being Met With A Very Mixed Reaction

Coca-Cola is unleashing a strange new creation into the world, but the internet isn’t convinced humanity needs another freaking variation of Coke.

The soft-drink giant recently announced “Orange Vanilla Coca Cola,” their first “new flavor” in over ten years. While some are pumped for Coke’s melted orange creamsicle flavor, others were instantly grossed out by the random combination.

Behold! Orange Vanilla Coca Cola, corporate America’s latest concoction of carbonated water and corn syrup.

Like it or not, Coke’s new flavor will hit shelves in February 2019.

But Orange Vanilla Coca Cola is causing plenty of debate and controversy online, with some doubting Coke’s claims about their new flavor and others trashing the vanilla-orange combo as “Donald Trump Coke.”

One guy on Twitter wasn’t buying the “new flavor” announcement for Orange Vanilla Coca Cola.

But others were intrigued by the new drink’s unveiling.

Unfortunately for Coke, there was also a brutal backlash against the new flavor’s announcement.

Many on Twitter joked the new edition of Coke is pretty much “Donald Trump flavor.”

Reports from first-tasters of “Trump Coke” have been mixed so far.

This might sound crazy, but I reckon President Donald Trump’s infamous addiction to Diet Coke will be replaced with a regular supply of Diet Orange Vanilla Coca Cola.

Trump is so self-obsessed, you know he won’t be able to resist a flavor that was named after his skin tone. He’ll probably enjoy his Trump Coke with a well-done Trump Steak from the White House’s deep freezer — and maybe some covfefe after?