Photo Of Trump Putting His Fingers Around His Eyes Like Tiny Glasses Has Everyone Perplexed And Concerned

President Donald Trump is known for his rather odd behavior, to put it as mildly as we can, because it’s Tuesday morning and some of us haven’t had our coffee yet.

Yesterday, recalling a 2017 encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump described Xi’s aides as straight out of “central casting,” a show business term the former reality television star has used more than once.

Then, describing the shape of one of the aide’s glasses, the president made two circles with his fingers and placed them around his own eyes, like so:

Here it is on video, by the way, where it’s even more cringe-inducing:

It should go without saying that such an image, taken as the president spoke to the nation’s governors, but this is 2019 and we’ve had a hell of a time and this doesn’t exactly give us good marks in the diplomacy department.

The latest gaffe comes as Trump takes on Vietnam for his first summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un since they met in Singapore last year. Diplomats on both sides plan to discuss a possible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The Korean community in Vietnam is 60,000 strong and has expressed hope that the summit could mark an important step to Korean reunification.

But let’s just say this whole “glasses, pad, boom” thing isn’t doing much to convince people he’s got North Korea all figured out:

You could say it gives us further indication that the president is in over his head:

Nor does it send the proper message to children:

Serious question: Has the president even heard of Pan’s Labyrinth, let alone seen it?

And we totally believe he’s done something just like this…

…just as we’re sure he’s said something like this:

Considering the president fills up his schedule with “executive time” (a.k.a., “I’ll see you at the Trump Golf Course!”), he’s probably done something like this, too:

We actually CAN see you, Donald:

Not a good look.