Kelly Rowland Just Admitted That She Has No Idea What Microsoft Excel Is, And We’re Floored

Kelly Rowland changed the worlds of both hip hop and technology forever in 2002 when, in the music video for Nelly’s hit song “Dilemma,” she sent him a text on her Nokia 9290 Communicator using Microsoft Excel.

The moment has been endlessly memed and lampooned by the internet, leading the host of TV’s The Real to ask how the strange moment came about in the first place.

Rowland’s answer was as strange as it was amazing: 

“I don’t know what Microsoft Excel is. So when I saw all these memes I was like, I don’t care.”

That’s right. Kelly Rowland straight up doesn’t know what Microsoft Excel is.

Fans on Twitter were flabbergasted that Rowland had never even heard of such a standard part of modern life.

In a shocking turn of events, Rowland even got a reply from the official Excel Twitter account!

Twitter wished they lived in a world where Microsoft Excel wasn’t something they’d ever need to know…

A few other social media users took light offense to Rowland’s words:

Others just took her level of wealth and fame as a goal…being rich enough to avoid Microsoft Excel entirely is a truly admirable ambition.

Even with money, however, making it through life without ever hearing of Excel seems unlikely.

Life for those of us who DO know what Excel is may not be perfect…but at least we’ll always have Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s doomed romance from “Dilemma” to comfort us.