New ‘Bodyguard Bunny’ Meme Makes Us Wish We Had One In Real Life

If you’re a regular on Twitter, you’ll know that memes made out of punctuation marks have taken off in recent years, and the latest to sweep the website is a big, buff bunny rabbit protecting a little friend.

Made from keyboard characters, this bunny vows to protect you from everything, including rude customers at work, and failing tech products.

Twitter users have made hundreds of versions of the muscled rabbit, and they’ll probably remind you of all the times you’ve embodied an enormous bodyguard to help out a friend in need.

Here are some of the best versions of the bodyguard bunny meme, that might make you feel more protected on your Twitter timeline.

1. The bodyguard bunny can represent your brave friends in a restaurant.

2. The meme illustrates how we all feel when teaching our parents about technology…

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3. Or your parents coming through for your own tech products.

4. Librarians are the best people.

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5. The punctuation meme is how strong you are when you vanquish the enemy…

6. And shows how tough you can be to defend your pets.

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7. We all need a meme for when we’re grateful for a tough co-worker.

8. And lastly, this genius method of keeping sunburn at bay.

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