Hillary Clinton Just Responded To A Trump Tweet With The Most Accurate And Shady ‘Mean Girls’ GIF

Hillary Clinton is a fan of Mean Girls and she knows how to fire off a quote from the popular teen comedy better than…

Well, better than President Donald Trump, that’s for sure.

The President has still not stopped talking about the 2016 election—an act which he still does not seem to realize only continues to cast doubt on the fact that he won—and his latest jab against Clinton came after she announced that she would not run against him in 2020.

The President tweeted:

“Aw-shucks, does that mean I won’t get to run against her again?”

“She will be sorely missed!”

Naturally, this opened up the president to criticism.

Like… leave Hillary alone, man.

2016 is over.

And you lost the popular vote.

And then Hillary Clinton weighed in.

She didn’t name any names.

But hey, she didn’t have to.

We hope you haven’t been living under a rock, because that scene from Mean Girls is hilarious.

Check it out here:

You go, Hill Coco!

Some people even got in their own Mean Girls homage.

Yeah, Gretchen!

Uh, I mean Donald!

Thanks, Hillary.

Tweets like this are a nice distraction from our lives in The Twilight Zone.